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Win Win KBO project parktheater - Agnes van Dijk

Article ONS Magazine| Win-Win project KBO circle Eindhoven an extraordinary collaboration

Special dresses made of sunflower seeds, salmon leather, seaweed and mandarin peels. In the Parktheater in Eindhoven, the KBO members enjoyed a special fashion show: Natural Beauty on the catwalk. Old and young people worked together to get this afternoon done.

Fashion connects all ages. That is why the elderly and young people worked together for this fashion show. The show is organized by KBO-Kring Eindhoven. It is performed together with students from vocational training Summa College and fashion designer Agnes van Dijk. Also it is a so-called Win-Win project with a subsidy from the national government.

The idea behind it: older people can learn from young people and young people can learn from older people. KBO-Brabant has already started working on the Win-Win project in various ways. The young people gain work experience through internships in activities for the elderly. And seniors can enjoy innovative activities. For this afternoon's show, four students from the social work program worked hard behind the scenes. Together, to make the fashion show a success.

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If you would like to know more about Agnes' creations or have her organize a fashion show, please contact us.

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