ModeCapriole Fashion Show

from Craft to Seaweed

ModeCapriole an extraordinary event

ModeCapriole is an original and distinctive event. Her wearable artworks reflect a keen interest in art, culture, entertainment, nature, and sustainability. Great creative ability is linked to the technical ability to translate ideas into unique designs. An unforgettable experience that will be talked about for a long time. This special show is on request and is tailor-made and, if desired, framed with music and / or other performing arts.

ModeCapriole the show - Inspiring and special

Seaweed, mandarin peels, mussel shells, savoy cabbage, sun seeds and cactus skeletons. In the world of fashion artist Agnes van Dijk nothing is impossible and this is just a selection from the special palette of materials she uses for her fashion creations. The beauty of the designs is dazzling.

This show and presentation is fascinating for anyone interested in artistic thinking and wanting to be inspired.
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The future of materials from nature

Flowers and nature are a natural source of inspiration for her striking and spectacular fashion creations. In the context of sustainability, she investigates how perishable materials can be made sustainable. This results in special creations of, for example, mandarin peels, eggshells, cabbage leaves, orchids, fish skin and seaweed. Designs that last for years. They are thought-provoking and at the same time a pleasure for the eye.

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