fashion art event Agnes van Dijk Modekunst 2024 Den Bosch Eindhoven blooms & Blossoms

Blooms & Blossoms Fashion Art Show

Blooms & Blossoms Art Fashion Show at the Koning Willem I College in Den Bosch is the result of a collaboration between me, KBO - interest group for the elderly, Students of the Koning Willem I College, Yuverta & The Fund for Cultural Participation

Natures Beauty on the catwalk Agnes van Dijk Parktheater Eindhoven


Natures beauty on the Catwalk | An afternoon full of surprising fashion creations - Wednesday 6 July from 14:00 - 17:30 in the Grote Foyer of the Parktheater Eindhoven.

Agnes van Dijk Modekunst DDW 2021 manifestations Eindhoven

DDW 2021 manifestations

DDW 2021 manifestations, the exhibition with the most talked-about part of the Dutch Design Week

Agnes van Dijk Modekunst Fashion 2021 exhibition fashion tech week NY 2021

Fashion Tech Week New York 2021

Fashion Tech Week New York 2021 opens on October 6 2021 - VIP Opening Ceremony 7,8,9 October Virtual Conference - The Intenet of Fashion

Agnes van Dijk modekunst eindhoven - Kunstexpositie TEXTIEL & LEER NU! - Huis van Waalwijk

Textiel & Leer NU!

Exhibition | Textiel & Leer NU! Huis van Waalwijk - Rijksmonument Kropholler Raadhuisplein 2 5141 KG Waalwijk The Netherlands

DDW 2020 Agnes van Dijk Nominatie cultuurprijs dress fruit cabbage

DDW 2020 – Fruits & Cabbage

DDW 2020 FashionArt - Fruits & Cabbage 3D Room Experience

Nomination ModeCapriole

Nomination "ModeCapriole" with SHOW An extra special event, limited edition. Read more about the nomination ModeCapriole >

ModeCapriole | DDW 2019

Fashion show on Friday 25 October at 8 pm in Lab 1 - Keizersgracht 19 Eindhoven. The creations are also displayed throughout the DDW at this location.