Nomination ModeCapriole

Nomination ModeCapriole

from Craft to Seaweed

Quirky, unique fashion creations are on display. Designs manufactured from mandarin peels, panty liners, cabbage leaves, latex, shells, feathers and ... seaweed. An experience that will surprise you with attractive film, beautiful photos and creations on mannequin and model. This presentation would be fascinating for anyone who is interested in artistic thinking and would like to be inspired.

Her presentation promises to be an original and distinctive part of, for example, contact days, staff days, member meetings and events, but would also be very suitable as a guest lecture. It will be fine-tuned to your particular wishes, taking into consideration the inspiration process, materials and technology, sustainability, art, couture, show and entertainment.

  • an inspirational journey
  • interesting for all
  • for companies
  • for associations
  • for societies
  • for a company outing
  • for fashion lovers
  • for corporate -
  • organizational events
  • for bookings
  • or information:
  • +31 (0)6 22 61 05 49
  • info@agnesvandijk.nl
  • www.agnesvandijk.nl

ModeCapriole | Nomination and show

Agnes is happy to share her inspiration process, the experiments and the stories behind her creations. She does so with her presentation ModeCapriole, from Handcraft to Seaweed. A special story about art and fashion that connects seamlessly with the current social search for innovation, sustainability and inspiration.