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Young and old meet each other on the catwalk...

Young and old met each other on the catwalk: at fashion shows in 's-Hertogenbosch and Molenschot, young people and seniors worked together to present the most beautiful creations to an enthusiastic audience.

In the hall of the Koning Willem I College in 's-Hertogenbosch, the mannequins stride stately across the catwalk. They are aware that they can show very special creations to the audience of two hundred. Here art and fashion come together, and also young and old. Students from Koning Willem I College and seniors from Senior Association 's-Hertogenbosch Stad and KBO-Brabant worked together on the realization of the Blooms & Blossoms Jashion art show. The shining centerpiece of the fashion show, which was created with the support of the Fund for Cultural Participation, were fifty unique fashion creations by artist Agnes van Dijk and students from the Den Bosch educational institution.

Real brocade
With every outfit she designs, Agnes tells the story behind the creation, the special materials she used and her sources of inspiration. "I was already playing around as a little girl," she tells the curious audience. "I was - and still am - completely in love with one of my mother's samplers. I always carry her embroidery with me, and from there my love for the fashion trade developed." A little later the most elaborately dressed models walk past the spectators. “They wear creations made from various materials such as horsehair, peacock feathers, mummified mandarin peels, latex and organza, a loosely woven, transparent fabric,” explains the fashion designer. “And that bolero and corset are made of real brocade. No carnival brocade. I go to a shop in Barcelona especially for it."

Second year students
While the audience is treated to artistic fashion creations accompanied by moody live music, four students from Koning Willem I College ensure that everything runs smoothly in the background. "They focused entirely on organizing this event for months," says Mirabel van Lieshout, teacher of the Event Organization Employee course. "The second-year students were assigned to develop a concept for this fashion show. They devised and developed the entire corporate identity, and met regularly with KBO and the Den Bosch Seniors Association." MBO students from Yuverta provided the beautiful flower arrangements. Mirabel points around the beautifully decorated room: "This is what the students do it for and what they have been working towards all these months."

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