Book ModeCapriole

Book ModeCapriole

A beautiful book that continues to fascinate.

A sneak preview...

ModeCapriole the book

The result of a special collaboration.

Agnes van Dijk designs and makes quirky fashion creations. She produces couture pieces of the finest fabrics and fashion artworks made of a wide range of different materials. With her imagination, creative ability and technical skills, she is able to translate every idea into a unique creation, varying the fragile, subtle and refined to the monumental and theatrical.

Agnes and Lies have been working together for ten years. This has yielded in a lot of special visual material that they are proud of and deserves to be seen by a wider audience, hence the book ModeCapriole.

The cooperation is based on mutual trust in each other’s skills, shared interests and wonder about each other’s work and inventions. They each have their specific input that seems to merge into each other. They do not put pressure on time or deadlines, the artistic process always comes first. In this way they translate fantasy and technical qualities into unique creations and photos.

Lies Vogelzang looks through the lens of the camera with an open mind. She photographs with a great deal of feeling and attention for the incidence of light and composition. Her images make the invisible visible. Sometimes they tell stories and let us be conscious of the beauty in every single detail.